Thursday, June 13, 2013

Study study and more study

Whoever said you can't complete university degrees and be vision impaired? Or legally blind? Yes you definitely can. 

My unfortunate absence is due to the fact I am studying two degrees at present, a masters and also psychology, and have been swamped in uni work. It has been a constant battle working and studying whilst being vision impaired but I am one determined cookie. 

I has been quite a challenge finding ways to read my textbooks, do assignments and keep up to speed with all the work. Once I found the tools to help me study I got into a rhythm and it wasn't so hard. I had to get my textbooks in PDF format and load it onto my iPad so I could read them, and the uni would send me any document in a larger font.

I also completed my first exams being vision impaired, as I was diagnosed at the end of my last degree, so I was unsure of how I would cope and even what adaptations I would need. I was given extra time but I'm happy to say I finished way before the allocated time (such a nerd). The only problem I had was colouring in the little circles on the multiple choice answer sheet and had to get someone to do it for me. 

It has been a really rewarding experience and I must say oh so satisfying to have completed four subjects whilst working. 

If you have ever had a dream or a goal to study and have a certain profession, GO FOR IT. There is always a way. 

Stay determined!!