Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update on the Bionic Eye

I have posted previously about the bionic eye and have some exciting updates. 

A new microchip has been produced which will speed up the process toward the bionic eye, and I'm proud to say it's an Aussie organization leading the way - Bionic Vision Australia.

On the website, they also explain how the bionic eye will work:

"The high-acuity bionic eye will consist of a camera, attached to a pair of glasses which capture images and send them directly to a retinal implant, containing a microchip. The information is decoded by the microchip and informs the electrical stimulation of the retina. These signals are then passed along the optic nerve to the brain where they are interpreted as vision."

This is amazing stuff and will not only benefit Stargardt's patients but other more common eye conditions like macular degeneration. 

I've been pondering this idea of becoming bionic woman for a while, although I never really understood how it would work. I kept telling people "it's something to do with a microchip in your eye" which actually sounds quite weird. Now I understand that it will incorporate glasses, hopefully a pair that you wear every day and not big, thick lensed goofy looking glasses! I'm guessing there will still involve some sorts of surgery to implant the microchip and then to connect it to the nerves. Medicine truly is amazing.

This is a diagram from the Bionic Vision Australia website explaining how the device will work.

Check out their website for more information and to see the picture clearer!

Bionic Vision Australia

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grandma Glasses

I was walking outside today in the beautiful sun since we've had terrible weather in Sydney the past week, and I got a few funny looks from some young nurses. I realized that my small reading glasses were tinted so dark I looked like I had a pair of disgusting old fashioned sunglasses on.

Normally I'd get embarrassed about them because I think I look like my grandma in them and no one my age has to wear tinted glasses!! But I realized who cares? This is one of the only things I was told that could protect my eyes - keeping the sun from them. So I've decided I'm going to bring the daggy style in fashion!! Anybody want to help?!?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank You

I just want to say a big thank you to everybody who has contacted me and supports this blog. I can not explain how much I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I will do my best to gather information and get Stargardt's out there so hopefully in the near future we can have a treatment that is available to all of us.

You are all my inspiration just as much as I might be yours! Never give up on your dreams and what you have always wanted in life because this isn't going to stop you but rather make you even more determined to succeed!

Thank you again!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have FINALLY received my magnifier! I purchased it from Quantum Reading Learning Vision in Sydney and I received it within a day! I am loving having my own Compact Plus I have been using at work and at home. I think a lot of people around the office are jealous of my new gadget! It has heaped me greatly with my everyday work so now I can read paper documents a lot easier. 

It was hard to get use to at first as you have to move it across the page but once I got the hang of it I was loving it! My neck is thanking me as I no longer have to bend over to read things. I can not wait to get the rest of my stuff. It has taken a while but I have finally made progress!

This is me playing with my magnifier at work!