Sunday, December 12, 2010

My best friend - my glasses!

I realised today I don't leave the house without my glasses. This surprises me because I hate the way they make me look! This makes me think back to the long process I went through to get my glasses in the first place.

At the time of my diagnosis, my opthamologist told me that glasses would not help at all, and I went on my way, very disappointed. I then went to another optometrist to see if they could do anything. When I tried all the different lenses I was convinced one of them helped me see the letters. Yet the optometrist told me there was nothing he could do, leaving me  to feel helpless and disheartened.

I persisted, and found an optometrist ac cross from where I worked. He was fabulous. He prescribed me glasses that help me to see long distances. What people don't understand is that just because I wear glasses or contacts, doesn't mean my blind spot is fixed. It helps to make my vision sharper and more clear, and this makes a huge difference from the fuzzy distance I see normally.

To top it off, a relative of mine went back to the original optometrist, informing him I had gotten glasses and they helped me a great deal, and the optometrist said it was probably all "psychological"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anybody else had any experiences like I have?

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