Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sore head

I've found that I have constant problems with migraines. It gets very painful right behind my eyes and can sometimes be so painful I feel quite nauseous. I had to leave work early the other day because I could not function.

I've put it down to a couple of things. The glare has been absolutely destroying my eyes, even when I'm indoors, making me feel like I need to be nocturnal to escape it. It literally makes me feel as though I can't see. Everything is way too bright to take in and I just want to close my eyes. Sunglasses would probably help but I can't bring myself to walk around the hospital I work in wearing my sunglasses. People would think I am strange or even rude! I was under the impression the glasses I have controlled glare, or maybe this summer sun through the clouds is just no match.

The computer screen has also been giving me grief, especially after having holidays and not having to stare at it all day. If it's too bright it hurts, if it's too dark I can't read it - you just can't win! I am looking into investing in an anti glare screen to use at work, shame I can't use is to control the weather!

Until then, I will cope with a nice dark room, my bed and some shut eye!

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