Monday, March 19, 2012

Seeing sunglasses

I made one expensive purchase last week and I am so excited about it. I have the trouble of not being able to wear sunglasses outside when I am at work etc as I need my glasses to see in the distance. I can't wear contacts to work because then I can't see what I am doing up close. So I finally had a smart thought of getting lenses put in a nice pair of designer sunglasses.

I went to my optometrist to find out if there is a particular size I can get, and he told me "just not too big". Of course I wanted the biggest glasses I could find!! I ended up picking a gorgeous Gucci pair.

They are the best thing yet! I can go around looking stylish and can see at the same time! The funny thing is, I thought I bought a black pair, but when I looked at them in the sun they are blue!

I highly recommend for anybody that hasn't yet done so to get your lenses out in sunglasses, especially the young gen who don't like the glasses that tint in the sunlight!


  1. I need to find a nice pair of sunglasses. My eye doctor told me I actually have sun damage in my eyes because I do not wear sunglasses outside.---Janet

  2. Where do you live? have really nice sunglassess and are discounted! I'm all for splurging on sunglasses they are something that (should) last a while!!

  3. Hi C.R, Tony and I live in Southern California, and I don't wear sunglasses like I should! I will definitely check out this website. Thanks --Janet

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