Saturday, February 16, 2013

My new little friend

Before Christmas I was a bit depressed. So what did I do? I went to my local dogs and cats home. I had been considering getting another cat as I already had one furry friend (not to mention three dogs) but knew my parents would probably kick us all out.

There were so many little critters looking for a home and I couldn't resist and decided I would adopt one. There was one little bugger that caught my eye from the moment I walked in, he kept climbing the netted side of the cage and licking my finger. He was also blind in his left eye. It was instant love. I knew nobody would look twice at him because he was different, but he was like a cat version of me! Oh and the opposite sex!

So I took my little friend home and named him Billy Bob. He has such an adorable personality and sometimes acts more like a dog than a kitten. Even though he can only see from one eye he is confident and runs around the house, climbing furniture and playing with peacock feathers. He has little stumbles and if something is in his left field of vision he doesn't see it, but that doesn't stop him sneaking out the front door!

Just a little more inspiration in life - human or animal, vision impairment affects all life. Just think of little Billy without a care in the world!

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