Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stem Cell Treatment - Proven or Unproven?

So I came across information about stem cell treatment for Stargardt's currently being performed in Germany. I was over the moon to find this out, very keen to find out more and how I can organise to get this done to restore my sight. I had a look at the company's website - The Xcell Center - to see how the procedure was carried out, the risks and the costs. It all seemed so promising! The company also stated they treat many other conditions from Alzheimer's to Autism. You can check out their website here:

Xcell Center

I thought it wise to further research the treatment the centre offered, and question why it would not be used in my own country, Australia, if it was a proven treatment. I also thought that perhaps I could find someone in Australia to perform the treatment so that I wouldn't have to travel to the other side of the world (even though it would be a great excuse for a holiday!).

I made contact with the Australian Stem Cell Centre (ASSC) to find out more about stem cell treatment within Australia and also the reputation of the Xcell Center. I found this organisation extremely helpful and they gave me a very in depth response to my query which was fantastic. They also pointed me in the direction of some other organisations which may have more information.

The main concern that I found was the reputation of the Xcell Center. It seemed that the treatment offered had not been clinically proven and did not have extensive research to back up its results, which I found a little scary. I was also told by ASSC that the particular type of stem cells used by the Xcell Center can only turn into fat, bone or cartilage cells as per the current research. I was also made aware of legal issues surrounding the centre, arising from the fact that the area of stem cell treatment had not previously been regulated.

Below is a couple of articles about the Xcell Center. I think it is important that we can access all the information that is out there regarding new treatments for our condition, so we can make personal judgements and decisions for ourselves. I hope this has been informative for you all and let me know what you think!!

Stop Life Threatening Stem Cell Treatment

The Hope Business   (I find this article very interesting!)

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  1. Once a team of Korean researchers that they had transplanted multipotent adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood to a patient suffering from a spinal cord injury and that following the procedure, she could walk on her own, without difficulty. The patient had not been able to stand up for roughly 19 years. For the unprecedented clinical test, the scientists isolated adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood and then injected them into the damaged part of the spinal cordStem Cell Treatments