Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Check out the latest clinical trail being conducted in the US and France. The research into StarGen has been going on for some time, and below are some links following the progress.

2011 StarGen

2009 StarGen

StarGen is a gene therapy developed specifically for Stargardt's. If successful, it would consist of only one treatment directly into the retina which is great news.

Gene therapy involves treatment of the actual affected cells of the body. It can remove damaged genes, alter the genes or insert genes into a particular cell, in this case in the retina. Gene therapy studies are focusing predominantly on hereditary diseases, such as Stargardt's. Some problems noted with gene therapy include immunosuppresion and problems with viruses that may be used to carry the gene.

It is seeming like a treatment is inevitable and likely to be in the near future, so it is important for us all to keep our spirits up and focus on enjoying the experiences we are going through, whether they be positive or negative!!

Check out this website also for more info:


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