Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have now known I have had Stargardt's for 2 years. Sometimes I think I have accepted it, yet there are other times I still think "why me".

For instance, I was in the car tonight looking ahead of me thinking that the action going on in front of me was one big blur. I feel like my blind spot is expanding and is taking up more of my view of the world. It almost scares me a little bit as I am the type of person that likes to see, hear and know every detail of what's going on in the world around me. I suppose you could say I'm a control freak!

So this whole diagnosis of Stargardt's has impacted me enormously, and has affected the control I have had on the world. It makes me think that this has happened to me for a reason and maybe it's going to teach me a life lesson - to let go and live no matter what you are faced with.

This is easy to say yet extremely hard to do. Even though there might be days that are tough and upsetting, it's important to always look at things from a positive angle - I may not be able to see the entire detail in front of me, but I can still see that there are lights and scenery! I guess things are only as bad as you make them, and if we can all face losing our sight at such young ages, imagine the other things we can accomplish in our lives!!

Moral to the story - always stay positive even when it may seem like there is nothing positive about the situation, if you look closely enough, you will find something that lifts your spirits!!!!

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