Saturday, May 28, 2011

iPhone Magnifiers

I am constantly on my phone and download new apps every day. I'm also constantly texting and for a while now have been having trouble seeing the text on my phone! 

Having an iphone has been a great benefit for me. I finally figured out how to make the text message font larger, and I am currently on the 20pt text which is only the first magnification and it goes right up to 56pt. I could probably use it a bit larger, but I can't face that fact yet!!

I've also found a few apps that magnify text using the camera on the back of the phone. I currently have "Tap Magnify" and "Easy Reader". I personally prefer the "Easy Reader" as it uses most of the screen and uses the flash to illuminate the text when it magnifies. The only thing is it is quite slow to focus. Since I am still waiting on my equipment this is an easy alternative until I get a proper hand held magnifier. Best of all they were both free!! 

Has anybody else found any apps useful?

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