Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A 4 year old could colour in better than me!

I spent my afternoon at work making some artistic labels for my folders, and decided to do some block writing with a highlighter border around the letters. To my horror, I couldn't see the lines I was trying to colour within! I drew the letters with difficulty then used my permanent marker to make them bold, and I was colouring in worse than I used to in kindergarten! I missed spots and went out of the lines and it looked terrible!  I then tried to colour around the letters in pink but found that wasn't working for me either. So instead I just coloured over the whole thing.

Luckily I saw the humour in the fact I can no longer colour anything in! Well not within the lines anyway! I laughed to myself for a while and was quite proud of my finished product after it made me feel as though I was cross eyed! If anybody asks, though, I might have to say my little cousin did t!

Everyday I find little things that have gotten harder to do, but in the scheme of things is it really a big deal if I can't colour in perfectly? Maybe I can be the new Picasso and take abstract to a whole new level!

Keep smiling everyone :)

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