Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stuff I've learnt from Twitter!

I've been following the Foundation Fighting Blindness (@gihtblindness) on Twitter over the past few weeks. This weekend they have held Vision 2011 conference in the US. They have been updating their posts regularly and I have found out some interesting facts. The following are the tweets that I found really interesting:

1. "Q: animal trials - any reversal of vision loss 4 Stargardt? A: going that direction, but nothing yet showing definite restoration."
2. "Dr. Jacque Duncan (involved in retinal disease clinical trial) said that retinal degeneration is usually slow so it's hard to detect changes in 2-3 year studies."

3. "From Stem Cell session panel - Must easier to save retinal cells than replace them."

4. "Gen etc testing and thorough exams important because many diseases look alike.. Cone rod, Stargardt, Best Disease can look similar."

5. "About 50% of cone rod dystrophy caused by ABCA4 - same gene that causes majority of Stargardt disease."

4. A quote from John Wellner - "It's a great time in history to be blind; way better than the 1400's". You'd hope so!!
The link to the Foundation Fighting Blindness is below.

Foundation Fighting Blindness

They have a great wealth of information and are a great foundation so check it out.

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