Friday, September 23, 2011

The London Project

I have been told by several people to check out 'The London Project' as they are making strong progress in finding treatment for blindness. The organisation aims to cure blindness through stem cells, and with what I have learnt to date about Stargardt's, this seems to be the future in our treatment. Their main focus is on macular degeneration, but this could definitely lead to treatment for Stargardt's, as they are focusing on finding a way to replace the damaged RPE cells of the eye. 

The London Project has finished the safety phases of its trials and will proceed to human clinical trials in 2012, which is very exciting news. Like Advanced Cell in the US, The London Project uses embryonic stem cells and hopefully success is in the near future.

The organization is currently asking for donations to make the next phase of trials happen. Anybody wishing to donate can do so on the link below.

The London Project

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