Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love ZoomText

ZoomText is my new best friend. After a long wait I finally had it installed on my work computer and I find it amazing. The majority of my job is computer based, and the programs that we use have the smallest font that even perfect sighted people struggle to read at times. I have spent so much time craning my neck and straining to read, and having ZoomText on my computer is probably the best thing I have done so far for my condition. I was finding that I was getting headaches and a sore neck, which I get no more!

I also put the software on my home computer, which I also bought a 27 inch monitor for (and it's HUGE!), and I am in heaven. I'm used to the sliding across the screen now and I can't use a computer without it.

The software has some nifty inclusions - changing colour schemes, changing the mouse so it's bigger or has a circle around it, making the cursor larger and the speech component, which I haven't had the need to use as yet, and when I have people wonder what's going on in my office when they hear a weird, computerised voice coming from it!

I highly recommend the software, it has changed my life!

As mentioned I purchased my ZoomText from Quantum in Australia and their website is below.

Quantum Reading Learning Vision

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