Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Updates on Advanced Cell Trials!

As I have mentioned previously, Advanced Cell Technology are undertaking in stem cell research to treat Stargardt's disease. They have now successfully treated the first Stargardt's patient with embryonic stem cells, and have recently been approved by the Data and Safety Monitoring Board to proceed to treat a further two patients with Stargardt's.

This is fantastic news and we are one step closer to hopefully having a treatment. It is also a positive sign that the trial has been cleared to continue as the patient must have responded well to the first treatment, or at least it was not harmful! I am looking forward to more information on the trial as I'm sure all of you are. Check out Advanced Cell Technology's press release below.

ACT Press Release


  1. Keep your fingers crossed!

    I like your positivity.

  2. Hi CR,
    I happened to get a hit on your blog from a google alert for Advanced Cell Technology, which I'm invested in. Just wanted to let you know that there are many others invested in ACT that are hoping for a cure for you and the millions of others that are affected. From what we've been able to surmise, all indications are that the current trials may prove to be successful, and that you'll one day at least not have to worry about it getting worse. At best, you may be able to read those letters on the chart again. Don't loose hope, don't loose faith. Best wishes for you and the technology!

    Take care,


  3. Thanks for the update! Keep us posted on everything you find out.

  4. I too got here from ACT (thanks for the heads up Pete) and wanted to stop by and let you know that many are thinking or you and praying for you. Hopefully ACTC, or someone else, will be able to help both short term and long term.
    Pat (Ike) Eichner

  5. Greetings CR,
    PeteM, IkeFromNJ, and many other devoted members, including me, twenty2 (John Redaelli), belong to this website investorstemcell.com which covers many of the new and leading publicly traded companies that deal with Regenerative Medicine, including Advanced Cell Technology. May I invite you and your friends to consider joining our group!

    Have you also considered spreading the word through a twitter account?

    We are all hopeful, that the current trials for Stargardts, and Dry AMD, that are ongoing at UCLA by Advanced Cell Technology, will provide a much needed cure for you, CR. And many others who suffer from this disease. God Bless You - Keep The Faith!

    twenty2 - John Redaelli

  6. Aloha CR,

    ACT's hESC treatment for Stargardt's macular degeneration certainly looks very, very promising. I think many people are excited and anxious to learn of the early Phase I results. Wish all the best for you!!!

    R. Smith

  7. CR,

    Sharon Begley of Newsweek wrote a wonderful article on this subject:


    Additionally, with Dr. Robert Lanza leading the way, you can't help but be hopeful. He's learned from and worked with giants - such as B.F. Skinner and Jonas Salk - and has become one himself.


    Here's hoping the cure comes fast enough to help you! I don't know enough to know how fast this disease progresses, etc. - and the timetable of the research. But I have no doubt your children will not have to worry about this disease. The best and brightest are almost there with a cure.......

  8. Thank you to everyone for your positive words! Please if you have any other information email me!

    Once again thank you!