Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've noticed in recent months that my senses have changed. I was once told by someone wise that when you lose one sense the other senses become more enhanced. I must say that I have an incredible sense of smell. I smell everything. It makes me quite nauseous at times. But I haven't always been like this. I can't use plates are glasses if they aren't washed properly because they smell. My bathroom needs to be so clean and disinfected because I can smell what has been going on in there! I can smell food from a mile away (good or bad), flowers and even rain!

I know what some of you might be thinking, and no I am not pregnant, but I hate to see what my sense of smell turns into then! I have found that a lot of smells are more pungent and even make me want to vomit. I wonder if this is because of my dwindling sight?

I have always had problems with my ears, but I have noticed that I do hear a lot of subtle noises. And I have noticed I have this habit of having a TV show on and I don't look like I am watching it (because I can't see it properly) but I am listening to it and picturing it in my mind. My boyfriend gets quite cranky when he wants to change the channel and I protest that I am watching it even though I'm not facing the TV!!

I think it's interesting how your senses can change and adapt to what is happening with your body. I have realised that I should use the sense I have and have taken to observing what things smell, sound or feel like when I get frustrated that I can't see the detail. You'd be amazed at the different light you see the world in. It smells fantastic!!!!

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