Sunday, April 1, 2012


I had a phone call from my fabulous optometrist last week about saffron. He told me the about the recent study on saffron supplements and AMD and said I should add saffron to my diet.

I was very excited as this is something easy to do. I got on google and searched for saffron supplements and found an Aussie company who make them as "Macular Health" (Nature's Goodness). They only cost me $40 with postage and I got them within a week.

As I am a self confessed nerd, I found the published article online and this is what I gathered:
  • Saffron contains the antioxidants crocin and crocetin which is thought to be a retinal neuroprotectant against oxidative damage. This has been found in a rat model.
  • A daily supplement of 20mg of saffron was given over 90 days and then changes in the fERG tests were measured.
  • They found significant changes in the fERG results.
  • A previous study indicated that saffron's protective effect on the retina is only temporary and disappears if supplementation is stopped, which was shown in a rat model.
  • Concludes that "saffron supplementation may induce a short term significant improvement in retinal function in early AMD" and more studies are needed.
This is definitely a step in the right direction for something that could possibly help Stargardt's. The same university in Italy is recruiting for a study on saffron in Stargardt's. Here's the link for anybody interested in participating, or possibly I might go on an extended holiday to Italy.

Saffron Supplementation In Stargardt's Disease

And here is the link for the article on AMD.

Influence of saffron supplementation...

In the meantime, I will continue to take my saffron supplements and see what I can see!


  1. I was told about this quite some years ago and I took supplements. I don't know if there was any effect what so ever.

    Saffron is a spice which is very commonly used in indian dishes, all the desserts in India have a lot of saffron in them at least :) We consume the daily dose by default without supplements.

  2. i suffer fron the disease of fundus flavumaculatus (stargardt diseace) and i would like to know details about the company that sales suffron. i am as well interested in paricipating in Italy but they want me to have diagnoses the gene that I have. so iam waiting for the results of the blood test so as to participate. they are interested in the gene of abca4. Please contact with me for the saffron supplement.


    This is the link to the company selling the saffron supplement as "Macular Health". I'm not sure if they ship overseas. It's an Australian company. Hope this is helpful.

  4. I'm a co-author of the italian study on the effects of saffron supplementation , and I have to advise everyone that NOT ALL the saffron is the same. Our studies show that saffron grown in different parts of the world, and already in different parts of Italy, is very different in the chemical composition and so could have more or less effects. So I encourage you to speak directly with people involved in the research and not to lucrative companies.
    This is very important for two reasons: 1) It will be more safe for you and you will know which pill has been really tested for this purpose. 2) this studies and the clinical trials are promising, but if people start to have pills of a generic saffron and this does not work, than it will create big problems to the studies, affecting the possibility to investigate further.

  5. Hi Stedima it's great to hear from someone involved in the study! I would love more information on the study so please feel free to email me :)

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  7. I wish I had known this earlier as we just returned from a trip through Italy which we took specifically so the our bright daughter, who just turned 14 could be helped. Please tell us what supplement to take! I understand there are trials but I have a daughter who devoured "the immortal life of Henrietta Lax" at age 12 and then request a copy of her own. The kid loves to read and wants to work in a medical field with children and I don't know how to advise.

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  9. study is interesting as been in touch with Prof. Beneditto Falsini, Italy.. As my daughter aged 13 years diagnosed with Stargardt Disease we are trying to enroll her for trials.. may be it is right step towards curing this disease....

  10. Do you know someone who could say that the saffron helped him in the stargardt's disease?

  11. Hello,

    do you know any stargardt's patient who had improved visual acuity after Saffron supplement. Please let me know.

  12. My nephew has stargardt's and I was wondering does this really work? Are you taking the supplements still? Have you seen any improvements or stablizing of the disorder?