Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates on Research

Blindness and visual impairment seems to be in the media quite a bit lately. I've gathered the most recent updates for you all to check out.

A study in the UK has successfully inserted implants into three patients retinas. The patients treated had Retinitis Pigmentosa and saw immediate results once the implant was in use. This website has an amazing picture of the implant in the retina and also explains the technology.

Retinal Implant

I've previously mentioned Advanced Cell Technology and their stem cells trials. The latest on the trial is that they were given approval to increase the dosage of stem cells and recruit further Stargardt's patients. This is great news. This trial is a phase 1 study which is looking at finding the maximum dose that can be tolerated and the safety of the technology. All is looking positive for stem cells!

Advanced Cell Technology

Gene therapy is another new treatment that is seeing exciting results. A US university has successfully treated 12 patients who have another inherited retinal disease - Leber's Congential Amaurosis (LCA). The treatment involved injecting a virus with copies of the 'normal' gene into the eye. The patients treated are reported to be able to make out shapes, recognise faces and read large print. This could also be a possibility for other inherited eye diseases.

Gene Therapy

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