Thursday, May 17, 2012

My purple cane

I got my purple cane delivered in the mail! I was so excited and opened it to find that I had a stick, but no ball. I was a bit confused and thought I could maybe use it to poke people instead.

Turns out they come separate and when I had my mobility session with Guide Dogs I would get the ball.

Which brings me to the mobility sessions. I was quite weary at first, walking around with a cane and even though I don't need it constantly it is a skill I will most probably need in the future. I found the actual sessions to be quite fun and not at all as scary and upsetting as I thought.

We walked my local streets to learn the technique of using a cane, and it is harder than I thought! The less I thought about the more natural it become and I started to feel comfortable using it.

I never noticed before how much I concentrate on seeing where I am walking to the point where I give myself eye strain and it hurts! It's such a feeling of freedom to have the confidence to look ahead or what's around me without worrying about the ground in front of me.

So far I have had two sessions and I look forward to them. I will keep you updated!


  1. Wow, great post. Really enjoyed your perspective. Have you tried boric acid eye wash btw?

  2. Hi Constantine. No I haven't tried it do you use it?