Sunday, June 3, 2012

Increasing my magnification

As I have mentioned I use Zoomtext on my work and home computers. I have been using it a x2 magnification since I first got it, especially since I didn't like to slide all over the place too much. Recently I have noticed that I am leaning quite close to the computer to read. I didn't want to admit that I probably needed to increase my magnification.

I persevered for a while, but finally thought I'd give it a go just to see what it was like. So I increased the magnification to x3. What a difference it made. I had to slide across the screen more at work, although I could stay put in my chair and not be leaning in touching the screen with my nose!

I'll admit I'm in denial. I didn't want to increase the magnification because then I'd have to awknowledge my eyes are becoming worse. I know it's silly because it would reduce my strain but it is really hard to accept!!!

I also get slightly paranoid, especially at work, as my screen is so large anybody can read what I'm doing (not that I am ever doing anything wrong!), but it's just uncomfortable knowing that if someone looked over they could read it easily.

Of course I've kept my Zoomtext at x2. I'm really quite stubborn.


  1. My girlfriend has Stargardt's and she also used Zoomtext for a while, but we found that like you, we were having to sit very close to the screen to read it which then caused all sorts of back, neck and eye strain issues. Kayley now uses an iPad as much as possible as the Zoom options are great and as you are already holding it you dont have to lean halfway across the desk to see the computer monitor.. she has written a quick blog about how she uses it here - - just thought it may be of help for you, especialyl if your employer can help with providing it for you :-)

    Many thanks, and keep up the great blog!

  2. My mom uses Zoomtext, and loves it. Its on my bucket list of things to try as my vision erodes as well.

    Have you thought of trying video goggles? No one would know how big the text was if you turned the monitor off.

    On Gaz's post... you can remote desktop into a PC with the iPAD, which would let you use a Windows machine from your iPad, and you'd gain the benefit of not having to lean over.