Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finally a pen I can see!

When I had my consultation with the vision impairment specialist, he suggested I invest in a Pentel pen. Usually he gives a freebie to all his clients but unfortunately he had run out. He said I was able to get the pen from my local Officeworks (stationary shop) and they came in a range of colours.

To my great disappointment, my local Officeworks didn't stock the particular pen, and I had to order them online in a box of 25 all black. So of course I procrastinated because 25 black pens was not appealing to me.

Today turned out to be my lucky day. My friend and I ventured to Officeworks to discover a huge new wall full of pens. Of course we had to try every one out and we found the Pentel I was looking for!

The Pentel's I bought are the S520 Sign Pen (0.8mm). They look like a marker but they write like a pen except in a more bold ink, making it easier to read. It also doesn't seep through the page unlike standard markers. The pens cost me $2.71 each (I bought 7!). 

Definitely worth a try! I highly recommend. 


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  2. Hi Cam, you can email me through the link on the page. :)

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