Friday, September 20, 2013

For the girls (and guys?!)

Something I have been battling for a while is grooming. It's ever so hard to do the usual girly grooming that when you are sighted you take for granted. It seems like a petty issue but it can have a whole lot of impacts especially with self esteem.

My biggest problem now is I can't tell when it's time to visit the beautician. It gets to the point where one of my younger brothers will say "geez you need a wax" and it's off to the beautician I go. There's no chance I can do it myself any more as I can't see the little hairs. It then gets me thinking what have I been looking like every day?! Most people don't like pointing out things like this so I now rely on my family to give me the heads up. 

Another important issue is putting on make-up. I've had people ask me how do I put on eye liner if I can't see? Well I end up poking myself in the eye and usually I end up with the "smoky" look when I wasn't going for that at all. Luckily years of experience have meant I can put make-up on without looking to a degree, and then I hope someone tells me if I've made a mess of my face before I walk out the door.

For instance, I went to work and for a few hours I went on my merry way until a friend asked me if I had grey hairs. Grey hair I'm only 26!!! It turned out I had foundation in my hair and she fixed it for me. But in the 2 hours before that no one mentioned anything! 

I guess now I need to rely on others more often even though I am very resistant to doing so. I'm also lucky I live with other people so I can always ask if I'm looking terrible (and hope they give me an honest answer). 

So if you see me and I have make up all over my face, please tell me because I guarantee you I can't see it!

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