Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blinding Darkness

In the past few weeks I have noticed that in the dark I can see less and less. It's starting to scare me just a tad. 

I find it quite confronting looking ahead and not being able to decipher what is happening. It seems like all the lights merge together in a big blur and I have to concentrate very hard to figure out what is going on. All I want to to is be able to see the distance clearly.

Another thing I noticed a while back was the fact that when I look up at the moon I can't see it! If I look above or below it I can see it in my peripheral, but you can't see it very well because it's so far away. I want to be able to look up at the moon again!

This has brought up, for me, how badly I want someone somewhere in the world to find a treatment and help us all out. It can be quite distressing at times, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels scared and helpless and quite stressed about the situation. 

So once again, I'm hoping and have my fingers and toes crossed that a breakthrough is made very soon and we can all celebrate!


  1. Thank you C.R for your postings. It a nice summary of current events in the research into SMD. My daughter has been diagnosed with Stargardt's in August 2010, she's 12. This post made me very sad again and I had to give my daughter a hug. Stay strong, your not alone in this.

  2. Aw thanks dferreira! Give your daughter a hug for me too! That's the most important thing - to stay strong! It's tough, but we can all get through it! :)